Surely you’ve heard of the most expensive painting of all time named „Salvator Mundi„, which was created by Leonardo da Vinci.

In 2017 the image, loosely translated from Italian as “The Savior of the World”, was auctioned for approximately $ 450 million by Chriestie´s in New York. Nobody knows the current owner, but it is rumored that a Saudi Prince bought the painting and kept it on his luxury yacht.

In 2021, the german artist Ivan Summerky created his new masterpiece called Thug Life! using a photograph of Salvator Mundi and a 200-year-old wooden frame.

Thug Life! is housed in a small gold-colored wooden frame with the image of Salvator Mundi and the words “Thug Life!” across it. This work of art is also being interpreted as a homage to Da Vinci’s original work, but maybe it also criticizes the crazy story behind the original painting.

Starting January 2022, Thug Life! is on sale for $500 million. However, the selling price of the work of art is halved every month – if it does not find a serious buyer, it will be auctioned at the highest bidder in November 2022 during an online event.


The Monthly cost of the artwork „Thug Life!“,  if no buyer is found. Price is halved every month.

January: 500.000 $
February: 250.000.000 $
March: 125.000.000 $
April: 62.500.000 $
May: 31.250.000 $
June: 15.625.000 $
July: 7.812.500 $
August: 3.906.250 $
September:  1.953.125 $
October: 976.562 $
November: highest bid

+30 % Taxes / Fees